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I have been telling my family my burial idea for years now… glad it is becoming easier! (Just need to find the few states in which green burials are legal…. what a strange world we live in)

There are fully biodegradable urns that are designed to convert the cremated remains of pets and loved ones into a tree, so death can be a “transformation and a return to life through nature.” Source

braxton-roundtheworld-andi-i-i asked:

I'm planning to wwoof/helpx in New Zealand next year. I'm just curious as to how it is? Are you from there, if not then where are you from? Also, how much do you work a day?

I would highly recommend it!! It was the best experience of my life! We were able to save so much on room/board that we stayed in NZ for 6 months! My husband and I are living in Colorado and got a working holiday visa for New Zealand that was good for one year. It varied farm to farm, but the average was 4 hours a day, 5 or 6 days a week. Some people were also cool with us working 8 hours to get the next day off… everyone is so laid back there! We didn’t have a bad experience and stayed with 16 different families. My email is, feel free to shoot me any more questions you may come across… it was a lot of planning to get there, but then all plans went out the door once we arrived! Good luck to you, I wish I could go back!!! (PS we got more work from HelpX but most people are more familiar with WWOOF)

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